Top 15 Reasons Social Media Marketing is a Must!

Social Media Optimization

As a Digital Marketing firm we are consistently asked why Social Media Marketing (SMM) should be included into ones marketing budget?  Our response is always…why wouldn’t it be? Well, at least that’s our response to  our established clients…But honestly, as marketers we see the power of Social Media in a different lens then the majority of daily users who go on to check status updates, update their LinkedIn account, express their feelings, etc… We see how powerful engaging and advertising on these networks can be if a small business is utilizing the correct Social Media Optimization (SMO).  If done correctly it will yield a huge Return On Investment (ROI).  While the list could be much, much larger we have included a top 15 list below. Depending on your business the order can change, but all are important to both local and on-line businesses. Enjoy!


24/7 Consumer Access

Social Media has gone mobile


Market studies reveal that businesses are preparing to invest higher-shares of their social media optimization marketing budget in the future. Businesses that miss taking advantage of this ongoing trend will be steps behind their competitors. With the development of WiFi hotspots and 3G & 4G mobile-broadband networks, a growing amount of people are using their laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other technical gadgets to surf the web from nearly any location. What this shows is that businesses using social media optimization will be able to reach these Internet surfers all day and all night, 24/7, 365 days of the year. Businesses that are not on the social media optimization bandwagon will definitely fail to benefit from the advantages of SMO marketing.


Detailed SMM Reporting


It’s too complex to gauge the results of conventional media coverage. One of the best benefits of social media optimization marketing is that you can measure everything! You can observe how many leads and customers you receive from a particular social media network, how many from Google searches, and so on. The traditional means of PR will leave you in the cold without any idea how they link real business results to media coverage. By having your content promoted through social Ralph Lauren Kids media optimization, you can target your content to your ideal customer, those that will almost certainly purchase what you are selling and become profitable customers. This is something every business wants large or small. Discovering not only what your customers want from you but also “how” they are discovering that you have it is very important.


Staying Relevant with SMO


Social Media Optimization allows you to control your message. Earning a name as an innovator in your industry takes work. Even if you have an overabundance of experience and data about your industry, you must be able to communicate that knowledge to your target audience. In addition, you will need to consistently produce content, presumably in the medium of blog articles. Think about your own experience. Have you ever visited a company’s blog to discover their last entry is 2 years old? Would you think of that company as some type of innovator or leader in their industry? Social media optimization will keep you up-to-date and your customers will come to respect you as a leader in your industry. Your current and future customers will expect you to be ahead of the game in and social media optimization marketing will put you there.


Digital Social Proof

Social Proof

Social media optimization can supply “social proof” meaning that people are more likely to take action if others take action. It’s a “click-ish” type of thing. For instance, there are two pizza eateries within the same block. One is full to capacity; the other is waiting for the crowd to come. Most people would go to the crowded pizza eatery. The saying goes, “nobody wants something nobody else wants.” The crowd is “social proof” that one pizza eatery has better pizza, service, prices, and so on! In regard to social media optimization marketing, or, traditional media, which of the two scenarios do you feel has the most affect? A journalist where 56% of the public have little to zero trust writes about your business, or a satisfied customer who gets the word out about your company on social media? The majority would choose the second.


Brand Awareness and Promotion


Social media optimization marketing is ideal for establishing your brand. After you have devoted friends, fans, followers and additional community affiliates on social networking platforms, it’s easier to engage many of them and turn them into enthusiastic brand supporters. Research reveals that around one in ten consumers are free-brand promoters on the web and the amount continues to climb up to 90% for the millennial group. The younger age group utilizes social media for just about everything, it has become a way of life for them. Your future success will depend on your presence through social media optimization via the platforms that millennial group uses. With the Internet, brands are heard about, reviewed, and discussed faster than ever before. SMO marketing has become a necessity today, there’s no way around it!


Social Media Optimization Analysis


Social Media Optimization Analysis

Social media optimization provides a free and easy platform for testing and analyzing public opinion. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter make it easy to search consumer’s opinions on various products and services. For instance, if a company has a new product they would like to introduce to the populace, they can utilize SMO features to scan Twitter for public “tweets” about a product’s brand. Software applications can evaluate these tweets instantly, not just by keywords, but also by various social media characters to see if the public’s reaction is positive or negative. Furthermore, businesses can post surveys or questions via SMO on their social media profile pages to decipher what online communities think about specific topics, products, and services.


Fortune 500 Companies Have Nothing On You


Business journalists and mainstream media are blasé about SMB, small-medium sized businesses. Small businesses get the short stick in the public arena. Thankfully social media optimization marketing has changed all of that. These days, the only way journalists will pay attention to small businesses is if they are connected to a Fortune 500 company or if they are involved in some sensational scandal! Don’t waste time chasing after traditional media coverage. You will get more by incorporating engaging content and stimulating articles targeted towards your ideal customer and promoting them via social media optimization marketing. You will have to “go outside the box” so to speak, in order to climb the ladder of success for your small business and SMO marketing is the best way to accomplish this today.


Support Network and Customer Service Outlet


Social media optimization can serve as a support network and customer service platform. A growing number of businesses utilize social media sites to supply the latest product information and news, and to respond to consumer help questions. For example, by replying to a question about a common difficulty with a product, every member of the online community will have access to that solution. This is much more efficient and practical than responding to the identical problem to each client individually. Social media permits customers to provide quick feedback allowing businesses to react in a timely manner to crucial issues. If a company has no SMO marketing, they miss out on numerous shortcuts that will help them answer and comply with customer issues and requests. Remember, this could mean thousands of customers are being satisfied simultaneously via the platform of SMO marketing concerning your product or service saving you time and money.


Higher Quality Leads


SMO  brings higher quality leads

Social media optimization will help drive qualified visitors to your business. Qualified website visitors are visitors who have some previous knowledge of a company’s product or service. In addition, they may be better acquainted with the company or brand, prompting them to buy or inquire more about what the company has to offer. Currently, many SMO experts take the view that visitors will probably arrive to a company’s product or brand via SMO marketing rather than SEO. This may be because visitors from social media networks have had the time to gather more information about the company from posting or tweets, whereas with a regular search, they are coming directly to the site. Nonetheless, visitors from search engines may become customers on follow-up visits. Basically, SMO preps the customer. They are well informed and probably know what they want and understand that the company carries what they want before reaching the site! They are there because they are informed about the business not because they stumbled upon it, so to speak.


Double Dipping with Search Engine Optimization


Social media optimization marketing can make a business the “darling” of search engines. That’s because search engines have a “love affair” with social media platforms. SMO basically helps a business content travel. Dissimilar to SEO, Social media optimization is not only about enhancing a website. When the content in a website can be portable like audio files, video files, PDFs, or creating slides on Slideshare, submitting them to important sites will help a business’s content travel further and eventually drive links back to their site. However, this will take a very skilled and knowledgeable SMO expert to make sure the right links are placed in a strategic manner. This is extremely important, as links are the bridge that customers cross before getting to your site. The right links will create a strong bridge that will hopefully make a visitor a regular customer.


Client Leverage


As followers of a business increase, their influence grows. By incorporating social media optimization, a snowball effect is created that draws fresh customers, media publicity, joint-venture partnerships, and various types of opportunities right into the company’s hands. Due to social media, the words “team work” have taken on a new meaning. Customers become a “team” with the businesses that offer their products and services to them. Additionally, that “consumer-team” has a very strong input into the direction the business will take. After all, there is no business without customers. Social media optimization guides the consumer’s interests, so to speak, by keeping them informed and up-to-date, and by treating them as a “team player.” In addition, small businesses who want to grow but lack the connections or funds, could find themselves with various opportunities due to utilizing the proper SMO marketing strategies.


Niche Targeting


Social media optimization makes it easier for a business to find their niche. By selecting the right groups and platforms, a business can invest their time developing relationships with the proper markets. With SMO, there is no need to take detours and numerous roads with multiple stops. The right SMO strategy permits businesses to “hit the spot” with their target consumer because they are within their niche and they know how to use SMO marketing to reach their consumer. Relationships are created with the right market. For example, the ideal SMO marketing will place a company’s brand with the proper age, economic, and lifestyle of consumers that coincides with what the company is providing. You can call it “Internet demographics.” This technique is always used in traditional forms of marketing; however, SMO marketing is a million times faster and effective.


Breadcrumb Trail Effect


Remember that adding SMO marketing to your business budget will reap rewards. However, there may be days you may wonder if anyone is paying attention to your social media presence. Good social media optimization will get you there and more people are paying attention than you think! Be patient and you will begin to comprehend what is happening behind the obscurity of the Internet. You will sooner or later hear from Internet users who have been following your business on Twitter and reading about your company on Facebook for some time. Sometimes visitors prefer to comeback later, that’s why browsers have features like bookmarks! Eventually they come around. Perhaps your product or service is themed around a particular holiday like Christmas. That Internet user will be visiting around the holiday season even if they read about your business in the middle of summer if your SMO marketing is good.


Authoritative Presence


For consultants, speakers, coaches, and numerous service-based businesses, SMO marketing is a dream come true. Social media optimization marketing can be a powerful tool in helping to establish a small business into an authority in their field, making them the main resource for their target audience whenever they require assistance. Through SMO marketing, a business can arrange their presence to focus on their target market inevitably building loyal fans, which is the only way a business can thrive. Luckily, SMO can help a business reach thousands perhaps millions of potential customers. It’s a tremendously powerful tool that is highly effective in the right hands. In fact, many experts believe SMO has laid SEO to rest!


Smaller Sales Cycle

Social Media Optimization creates a Smaller Sales Cycle

Social media optimization offers a total reach that other market procedures cannot match. Your business has the opportunity to remind Internet users over and over again about your product or service, which can shorten sales cycles tremendously. In the world of cyberspace statistics require continuous upgrading, but Facebook alleges to have more than 1.19 BILLION active-users, Twitter has over 218 million, and LinkedIn has approximately 200 million members! Interestingly enough, it’s not just young people using social media networks. The average age of LinkedIn users is 44, Twitter 39, and Facebook 38. Social media optimization is not a fad; it’s here to stay, which means other forms of advertising are decreasing. During this era of the technical age, SMO marketing is the way to go.

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