On-Page Optimization

On-Page OptimizationOn-Page optimization once referred to keyword placement alone, but this is no longer the case in Search Engine Optimization. Over time the keyword based algorithms that search engines like Google and Bing use to evaluate and rank pages have grown massively more complex, especially with Google’s Hummingbird update.  Furthermore, with the advance of Social Media entities, all of which are considered in ranking algorithms, it has become vital to provide clear, valuable information to not just the search engines, but the individuals visiting your site.   It is important to stick to the basics; ask yourself what your website will contribute to the digital world. It’s not just about SEO tricks anymore.  The value of your site has become significantly more important and if you want your site to be successful for the long term you need to think about what people want, how they will search for it and how they want to digest it.  With the rise of Social Media and the vast amount of content available to everyone at the click of a mouse your site must contribute worthy content, images  and usability that people will want to “share”, “like”, “Digg” and “Tweet”. On-page optimization helps your site not just look good from the outside, but from within, were the real magic happens with getting found by your future customers.


Necessary On Page Optimization Elements:

These are the TO BEs of On-Page Optimization and quick summary of what they mean on the road to establishing an optimized page:

Be: Unique and valuable

Your page must consist of quality content, providing authentic value to users. Quality content is very important and strangely often ignored. Attract Local understands the importance of quality content and makes sure to deliver. Good, solid content is what we all want to read, and likewise it is what search engines want their high ranking sites to consist of. We offer quality content with an SEO heart.

Be: Crawler/Bot Accessible

To quickly summarize, this means your site needs to talk and play nicely with search engines and other sites. Here’s a Techy Talk example of one Bot Accessibility influences: Included URL in site’s XML Sitemaps file. Which will insure search engines are indexing all your pages on your website.  This is just one of many Bot Accessibility factors at play.

Be: Meta Data Inclusive

In short, this is “data about content”.  Make sure you are revealing in your coding what your website page includes. This will greatly increase the value of the original content on the page for search engines.  Search Engines like to see this as it ultimately allows for a better user experience.

Be: Keyword Targeted

Overall your page needs to be built around keyword phrases, even in today’s  algorithms.  These keywords need to be represented within your content. Content on your site needs to be logical and comprehensive employing related terms and phrases; primary keywords need to appear in the URL and be represented within the first words of the title element and be “Conversational”.

Be: Shareable through Social Media Networks

Your URL should be descriptive and the page’s topic should be obvious. Always think of your social networking audience and what information they may be seeking, therefore, providing sharable information ready for your audience to consume and disperse. Assess the appropriateness of employing tags for Facebook, Twitter Cards, etc…

Be: Impressive with User Experience (UX)

Content and navigation elements must be consumed and understood by users. The design of your site should be polished, high quality and align with your brand. Page layout should be easy to scan and important content elements should be obvious. Always checking to insure page is browser and device responsive, with a minimal number of browser requests required to fully load the page. No one likes to wait for a page to load, and most won’t.

On-Page Optimization checklist: 

There is much more depth to all of these tactics; however, this checklist will serve as a great starting point. We are here to assist and explain each element as in-depth as you prefer. We maintain an open communication policy and wish to be as helpful to our clients as possible. We are here to bring you business but we are also here to help you learn and navigate.

Title Tags

Header Tags

Meta Tags

Image Tags


Keyword Analysis

Alternate Texts

Image Optimization

Link Structure

Site Speed Optimization

Server Response Times

Sitemap/XML Sitemap

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