Reputation Management

Positive Reputation onlineReputation management for businesses has never been more important than it is at this moment. With the ability of one customer to instantly reach hundreds of friends, family and colleagues through Social Media and review outlets like Twitter and Yelp, the commonly referred to “Six degrees of Separation” is significantly less in this modern-day world. People like to share who and what they know and prefer to take advise or seek opinions from people they know, your their friend’s know, or their friend’s friends know. To stay afloat, businesses must learn to adapt and stop fighting the growing trends. You must understand the basics:  if you don’t make your business accessible to potential customers your competitor eventually will and, as a result, your competitor will be talked about/ shared and Be Found instead of you.  Now is the time to embrace change, see the possibilities and get with it!

90% of consumers are influenced by positive online reviews according to a 2013 survey by Dimensional Research.

Why You Should Care About Reputation Management?

Do you want the cold hard fact? Your  brands success is made or broken on the first page of search results.  If you haven’t done so already, do a simple search via Google on your business’s name, product or service followed by “reviews”.

Surprised at what you see or don’t see?  Any little imperfection in you or your company’s reputation can be the difference between 10 customers and 100 customers. And don’t be fooled, no reputation in many cases is just as detrimental to your business as a bad reputation. Savvy customers will see  your nonexistence on search engine reviews as a sign that you are inferior to your competitors who do appear. With our Reputation Management strategies we will make sure that you are seen and easily reviewed  by optimizing pages that show your brand off in the best possible light.

Reputation Management Strategies:

  • Automate the monitoring of your brands keywords
  • Social Media Management
  • Instant responses to all online negative reviews in a professional manner
  • Encourage current customers to leave positive reviews
  • Optimize positive stories and reviews about your company
  • Create strategies to manage upset customers
Don’t let a negative or non-existent online reputation be the kiss of death for your business. We can work together to make the positive changes for YOUR brand.

Take Control of YOUR Brand

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