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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the world we live in today having a website with pretty pictures, a few articles and some basic contact information is not enough. You’ve got to be able to make sure that your searchable online and local customers can find you.     
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Online Reputation Management

Are you ready to take control of how your business looks online? We believe you have the right to control how you look on search engines while gaining the positive reviews you deserve.  
Pay-Per-Click experts

Paid Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising is the fastest way to get targeted, ready-to-buy customers to your web site if managed correctly.  Take a look at how we can manage your very first or existing PPC campaign.

Why Attract Local?

Attract Local allows you the luxury to be as involved or un-involved in the process as you like, by either helping to manage remotely or to educate you along the way. Attract Local provides differing degrees of support depending on what is most valuable to you and your niche market, providing you personable professionals that are willing to involve you in the process. As you can imagine or have possibly experienced, many Digital Marketing firms have been known to lack the personality and patience that is required to establish the kind of comradery that many small businesses seek. Often times other firms are impersonal and/or unwilling to involve you in the process as they would rather focus on their “larger” accounts. Full disclosure and customer understanding is valuable, important and a commitment we make to everyone of our clients.

Our Ethical Commitment: No tolerance for conflict of interest.

Unlike other Digital Marketing Firms, we promise to only assist one business specialty per local area. We will NEVER assist competitive businesses in your distinct area…period!  For this reason, you can trust that we are committed to your success, and will be your biggest cheerleader.  As there will be no conflicts of interest, you can feel assured that we will apply all the tricks of the trade to help your business succeed and be 100% dedicated to helping your business lead your local area and beyond. This is a unique approach within this industry.

Attract Local offers a LARGE commitment.  Work with us, and Be Found.

We are committed to clean SEO, SMO and PPC strategies that are ethical and respected in the digital world and which Search Engine Giants such as Google and Bing are now rightfully demanding. Many Digital Marketing professionals still attempt to continue old world “Black Hat” practices that are no longer viewed as appropriate and becoming increasingly ineffective.   In fact, these “Black Hat” practices can get you banned from search engines such as Google altogether! Attract Local adheres to the newest standards and tools of the trade.

Want to read more about Attract Locals mission?  check out our About Page

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